The Best Ways to Prepare for Your Dental Checkup

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It is perfectly natural to have mixed feelings about your dental checkup. You’re not alone! About 36% of Americans report experiencing dental anxiety, which can even cause people to procrastinate making an appointment. Your oral health plays a big part in your overall physical health, and our goal is not to cause discomfort, but to ensure that you are well cared for.

The Best Ways to Prepare for Your Dental Checkup

Knowing what to expect and how to prepare can help alleviate nerves, so here are some of the best ways to get ready for your next dental checkup:

  • Are you a new patient? Obtaining your dental records from your previous dental office will help to provide your new dentist with up-to-date information about any procedures or issues that you’ve already had. This helps them maintain consistent care.
  • Confirm your dental checkup. Whether your dental office uses texts, emails, or phone calls to send appointment reminders, make sure to confirm the date with them. This helps with scheduling, and our administrative team appreciates it very much!
  • Brush and floss before your dental checkup. While your teeth will get a thorough cleaning at your appointment, performing a pre-checkup cleanup is a massive help to remove any food that is stuck on or between your teeth.
  • Ask questions and be open about any concerns. Your dental checkup is the perfect opportunity to have a conversation with a professional who cares about your health. Preventative care is key to avoiding dental emergencies, so raising any minor concerns can help your dentist provide the best treatment.

If you are nervous about your appointment, let us know! We take great care to explain what we are doing and any procedures that will take place, and we’ll work with you to achieve your best smile. Our gentle dental practices can help everyone have a pleasant experience; contact us today.