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We’ll start by performing a full examination of your mouth to make sure bonding is the right treatment.

Bonding is a dental procedure that can improve the appearance of your smile. It is often used to repair cracked or chipped teeth, improve the look of teeth that have become discolored, close gaps between multiple teeth, or change the shape of teeth. Bonding is quick and painless, allowing you to improve the look of your teeth without having to go through extensive or time-consuming procedures. If you’re interested in dental bonding and are located in Winston-Salem, North Carolina or one of the nearby cities, Kenneth R. Russell DDS can perform this procedure. Dr. Russell and the rest of our staff members focus on a gentle approach to dentistry, which extends to dental bonding and other procedures. You can relax in our office, where we have a variety of options designed to help you feel more comfortable.

Bonding in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

When you come in, we’ll start by performing a full examination of your mouth to make sure bonding is the right treatment. If we determine that it is, we can talk to about whether you need anesthesia for the treatment or not. If you don’t have decay or pulp exposure, Dr. Russell can usually perform bonding without the need for anesthesia. The material used in bonding comes in a wide range of shades, allowing us to match the look of your teeth for a natural appearance. We use a composite resin, which forms a stain-resistant and durable surface. The final step is polishing and smoothing the material, giving you a more natural feel and look. Take advantage of the benefits of dental bonding by scheduling an appointment with Dr. Russell today.

At the office of Kenneth R. Russell DDS, we offer dental bonding services to patients from Winston-Salem, Kernersville, Greensboro, and High Point, North Carolina.