Fall in Love with Your Smile: Four Benefits of Veneers

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You might be wondering, what are veneers? They improve the appearance of your teeth through placing a thin layer of material, called a veneer, over the front of the tooth. Our office offers two types of veneers: ceramic and resin-based composite. Veneers are a cosmetic solution to correct issues with your teeth such as brightness, discoloration, gaps, or chips.

Fall in Love with Your Smile: Four Benefits of Veneers

Here are four benefits of getting veneers:

  1. Stain-resistance: Veneers still need regular care to maintain their condition, but you will find that they resist stains and retain their brightness over their lifespan.
  2. Realistic and natural: When you have veneers, no one will know it unless you tell them. They look incredibly natural and come in different shades to best suit your smile.
  3. Less invasive than other options. Veneers are very thin and only cover the front surface of your tooth, so it’s not as intensive of a process as other cosmetic options. The recovery process is also faster.
  4. Boost your confidence: One of the biggest benefits is the confidence you will gain by being able to address dental flaws that currently cause you to feel self-conscious. You won’t want to stop smiling when you have beautiful teeth to share with others.

Our office not only cares about your oral health, but we also want to help you achieve your best and most confident self through your smile. We have a wide range of treatments that can address any concerns you currently have. Book an appointment to transform your dental care today.