Root Canal Therapy, Winston-Salem, NC

Get relief from tooth pain with root canal therapy.

When you have tooth pain, it is often a constant pain that only seems to get worse. Here at the dental office of Kenneth R. Russell DDS, we want to offer you relief from your pain that will not only last for a few hours like the relief you get from over-the-counter pain medications, but pain relief that will be permanent! With our root canal therapy services, we address the literal root of your pain and help you achieve long-lasting pain relief from your toothaches in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

Root Canal Therapy in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Root canal therapy is a procedure that is often misunderstood. When you tell someone that you are getting a root canal done, it is a common misnomer. A root canal is actually a portion of your tooth where the blood, vessels, lymphatic system, and nerves are located, and not a procedure. Root canal therapy is frequently shortened to “root canal” which is likely where the misnomer became more common vernacular.

Root canal therapy can offer great relief to a person suffering from root pain in their tooth. Our dental office will prepare you for the procedure by administering anesthesia very gently. Once you are numb, we can go in and remove the tissue that is inflamed and causing you pain in the root canal. After that is completed, the root canals are filled, and the pain is no longer present.

Because the tissue that provides the root with nourishment and blood flow has been removed, a tooth that has undergone root canal therapy will need extra protection. Often, a crown is placed to protect the tooth and ensure its use. If you have questions about root canal therapy or any pain in your mouth, we want to hear from you! Please contact us today to learn more.

At the office of Kenneth R. Russell DDS, we offer root canal therapy to patients from Winston-Salem, Kernersville, Greensboro, and High Point, North Carolina.