How to Encourage Oral Hygiene for Kids

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Having a strong foundation of proper oral hygiene will set your kids up with healthy teeth for life. Like washing your hands, encouraging healthy habits with dental care is an important lesson to encourage.

How to Encourage Oral Hygiene for Kids

Here are a few tips to help encourage oral hygiene for your kids and make it fun too:

  • Use either a timer or song to help kids brush for two minutes. Brushing should be done twice a day for two minutes to practice great hygiene. To help the time pass and make it fun, you can use a countdown or a song that will encourage them to brush for the full time.
  • Let them see you care for your teeth too. Kids learn a lot by watching what others do and mimicking behaviors. One of the most effective ways to encourage proper and healthy brushing and flossing habits is to model it for them.
  • Encourage plenty of water. A dry mouth is more prone to plaque build-up, so drinking water throughout the day helps to promote good hygiene. You can practice habits like having a glass of water when they wake up in the morning, using a water bottle at school, and having water on hand during road trips.
  • Swap for a new toothbrush regularly. When a toothbrush is either three months old or the bristles start to fray, it’s time to replace it! You can let your child choose their new toothbrush so that they are excited to use it. Make sure to choose a brush with soft bristles.

It goes without saying, but keeping on top of routine dental checkups is key to maintaining good oral hygiene. It’s natural for your kids to be nervous, so we’re here to help the appointment go smoothly. Give us a call today to discuss your family’s dental needs.