Why You Want a Dentist Who Does Same Day Crowns

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Not all dentists offer same day crowns. Some require that you get a crown over multiple office visits and you have to go home with a temporary crown. This can make the process long and daunting. This is why we offer same day crowns at the office of Kenneth R. Russell DDS. There are many benefits to same day crowns, including:

  • Saves time – A same day crown will save you time in the dentist chair. The entire crown can be completed in one single office visit.
  • No temporaries – If you choose an office that does not do same day crowns, you will have to get fitted for your crown, which means you will be wearing a temporary crown while your permanent crown is being sized and fitted. Temporary crowns are not perfect fits, so you may find them to be ugly and uncomfortable.

If you are looking for same day crowns

  • No dental puddy – If you get a traditional crown you will be asked to hold dental puddy in your mouth for an amount of time to get an impression of your teeth so that they can send the mold out to make your crown. This is not a needed step when getting same day crowns.

If you are looking for same day crowns, then give us a call today. We have great experience in same day crowns, and we are happy to walk you through the process so that you feel comfortable and ready.