Root Canal: Everything you Need to Know

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Getting a root canal can cause a great amount of stress in many people. Often times it is helpful to understand more about a procedure before having it done. A root canal is a dental procedure where the inner pulp is removed from the tooth and root. It is common to need a crown after a root canal.

The reason most people need a root canal

Why You May Need a Root Canal – The first indication of needing a root canal in most patients is excruciating pain. This is due to the pulp inside your tooth and root becoming infected. The reason most people need a root canal is because of deep decay. A simple filling will not be enough to treat the deep infection. Other reasons you may need a root canal are from a cracked or broken tooth, a damaged tooth, or repeated dental fillings on the same tooth.

What to Expect During the Procedure – You will first receive local anesthetic to numb the area. Next, a dental dam will most likely be placed in your mouth that surrounds the tooth being worked on and prevents debris from falling into your mouth. Then, the dentist will drill and file away the inside of your tooth. Many people fear getting a root canal because they worry that it will be painful. This is especially true if they are already experiencing a lot of tooth pain. Rest assured that the dentist will take every measure to ensure that you do not experience any pain. Lastly, the tooth will be filled.

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