Dental Fillings are the Most Common Dental Procedure

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Hearing that you are in need of a dental filling strikes fear in many people. While it may be worrisome to have to undergo the procedure, knowing that dental fillings are the most common dental procedure performed should offer some consolation.

Dental Fillings are the Most Common Dental Procedure

Dental fillings are placed when a tooth is damaged by a cavity, decay, or from a fracture. If the cavity or decay is detected early, the dentist will clean out the cavity and decay, and place a dental filling made of either silver amalgam or composite material into the tooth. Amalgam fillings are noticeable, as they are silver in color, but composite fillings are tooth-colored and are less noticeable.

Having a dental filling placed will stop the cavity or decay from spreading or growing, saving your teeth from needing more extensive repair. If a cavity is neglected and it moves into the pulp of the tooth, more dental work will be warranted. Fillings are one of the least expensive dental treatments, so staying on top of your tooth health can prevent more costly dental work in the future.

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